Arasys Genius Rejuvenation System

The Arasys Genius Rejuvenation System is a unique weight loss tool that offers maximum benefits when used in conjunction with regular physical exercise. The Arasys system uses a low intensity, micro current that is easily recognized and utilized by nerves within the body. By using the technique, inches are lost while performing physical exercise builds and strengthens muscles as well as burns away excess calories and fat.

The system offers comfort, effectiveness and intensity without putting unnecessary strain on the body. Although it produces the same type of results as intense, physical exercise it does so without raising the body's core temperature or straining muscles and joints. The Arasys Genius Rejuvenation System was developed by Gerry Pollock of England. Pollock was the inventor of the pacemaker and is well known for his contributions to the medical industry. The Arasys system allows users to achieve their weight loss goals, while protecting their body from the injuries and stress of overdoing it in the exercise room.

It is important to remember that nothing will take the place of physical exercise. The Arasys Genius Rejuvenation System, however, compliments physical exercise in such a way that, when used correctly allows for the maximum benefit of both. Using the Arasys system does not produce lactic acid within the body. This means there will be no cramping or tightness of muscles if you do not cool down or condition yourself properly. Arasys is an ideal treatment for individuals who do not have time to exercise on a regular basis or those who have health problems that prohibit the use of conventional forms of activity.

There are many cosmetic improvements that can be attributed to Arasys Facial Rejuvenation. Along with the loss of inches, body shaping, tonify, lifting and firming of the skin are all possible. The technique can also help to detoxify tissues and skin and improve circulation throughout the body. With toxins and other contaminants broken up and flushed from the body, skin and tissues can absorb more of the vital nutrients they need to be healthy and strong.

Because the Arasys system uses intense micro currents, the benefits are not limited to a certain area of the body. The treatment is systemic. What happens in one part of the body also affects and improves other areas of the body as well. As the body begins to rebuild and regain its proper texture and strength, a heightened sense of well being is also accomplished. Arasys does not use the fuel that the cells in the body needs to function. This prevents fatigue and makes sure the body has the energy it needs to function at its very best.

When the Arasys Genius system is used to rejuvenate tissues of the face and neck, the treatment offers long lasting results. Dramatic changes occur in both the skin and underlying tissues that allow for total rejuvenation. Muscle tone, skin tone and facial muscles are all strengthened and toned by neuroresonant waveforms that provide an irreversible facelift. Low nanocurrent ranges provide long lasting treatment options that can take as few as 10 treatments and provide maximum benefits that improve circulation and offer a more youthful appearance.

As a person ages, their skin loses its elasticity and begins to wrinkle and sag. The Arasys Genius Rejuvenation system can help restore skin all over the body to a more youthful vibrance. The waveforms used are gentle but extremely effective when it comes to firming and toning both skin and tissue. When combined with regular exercise, the benefits are intensified many times over. The rejuvenation system is capable of offering substantial results in cases where a person may not be able to exercise as they should due to pre-existing health conditions. It gives the person a means of getting their health back on track without stressing the body or overdoing it causing other health issues.

Ms. Postolov understands how important it is to exercise, but she also knows that in some cases, having alternative methods of weight loss is extremely beneficial. By using the Arasys Genius Rejuvenation System, she can help her Los Angeles, CA patients reach her weight loss goals and regain their health in a safe and timely fashion.


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